Beautify Me!:

Strawberry Lemonade green tea that contains Collagen, Biotin, and Aloe Vera to help your skin, hair & nail growth

Cold Buster:

Lemon & mandarin flavored Immunity boosting tea with EpiCor, Echinacea, 1000mg of Vitamin C, D, & Zinc

Cooper’s Idol:

A lemon-lime cranberry flavored tea with a blue raspberry topper.


A lemon-lime mango flavored tea with a grape topper to give respects to our favorite Ninja-turtle.

Fire Cracker:

Pomegranate cinnamon flavored tea with a swirl of cinnamon

Fruit Roll-Up:

enjoy your favorite candy in a tea with a pomegranate-raspberry flavored tea and a strawberry topper.


A lemon-lime & orange flavored tea with a strawberry topping.

Green Apple Fuel:

A BCAA based tea with a lemon & green apple flavor to help fuel your muscles before, after or during a workout.

Hello Sunshine:

An orange & peach flavored tea with some mango love inside.

Jolly Rancher:

A Raspberry-pomegranate tea to roll away your cravings for a Jolly Rancher candy.


A non-alcoholic lemon-lime margarita flavored tea.

Mango Prep:

An orange mango flavored pre-workout to get the energy flowing before a workout.


An Orange-Lemon flavored tea with a blue raspberry topper.

Parcha| Passion Fruit:

A tropical-flavored passion fruit tea

Sunny D:

Orange-Mandarin flavored green tea to remind you of your favorite orange juice.

Sour Patch Kid:

A raspberry-lime kick to your day.

Tidy Me Up:

An Apple Cranberry flavored detox tea that contains fiber, energy & aloe vera