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Infit Facts Episode #2 | Protein & Muscle Recovery

As you may remember in school, we were taught that proteins are large, complex molecules that have so many different critical roles in your body. Proteins are required for cell structure, function & body tissue regulations while laying roles, in anti-bodies, enzymes, messenger proteins, transport & storage as well as structural components of your cells.

Why are proteins good for your diet?

Proteins are the building blocks of life. Think of them like the Janga set you build up and knock down.

After a workout, your body organically breaks down muscle tissue to make room for growth. Think of this as the beginning of your Janga game, having to pick and choose which block you will take out before the entire tower falls.

Since every cell contains protein, you're going to need multiple sources of protein to help repair broken & torn muscle tissue as well as to make new ones. Think of this last step, as restarting the game and rebuilding the tower.

Working at a cellular level, this can be accomplished by fueling your system with more protein within 30-45 mins of performing exercise. This will give your body ample time to repair. Our smoothies contain 24 - 36 g of proteins per smoothie to help recover those muscle tissues that were broken down in your workout, and help you rebuild that tissue stronger than it was before.

Come by Infit Nutrition to taste our amazing smoothies! We are located at 69-44 Cooper Ave, Glendale, NY, 11385!

About Our smoothies:

  • Comes in 20oz or 26 oz cups

  • 180 - 300 calories, depending on size & ingredients.

  • 24g - 36g of protein

  • 21 vitamins & minerals

  • 8g of natural sugars

  • 6g of Carbs

  • Dietary Fiber

  • blended from plant-based protein with water & Ice.

  • Taste like Ice Cream

  • considered a meal replacement. you are able to replace up to 2 meals a day with liquid food. For more information please see

  • The majority of our smoothie flavors are gluten-free.

  • All of our smoothies are Keto Certified

  • Help with weight-loss & muscle gain. gain.

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